Since designing a website for your business can be an overwhelming process with countless choices we have decided to break it down to the must-haves for your site. From finding a catchy URL to social media integration, you’ll find it here!

1. Your URL
The first and one of the most important things to do is secure a good URL. Here are three ideas to keep in mind while deciding your URL:

1) Ensure it makes sense for the kind of business you do.

2) No difficult spellings, keep it as simple as possible.

3) Make sure that the name is available on multiple social media platforms sense you want it the same all across the board for branding purposes.

Panabee and Name Vine are great sources to help you find what is available and what names have already been taken. GoDaddy also makes it really easy to set up your domain.

2. Site Roadmap and Navigation

Your website should be useful and easy to navigate. Take some time to map out how you’d like your website to work and move. When thinking about that flow and navigation, consider a call to action. What do users want to do on your site? Order? Get a quote? Become a member? This is very important for users experience and for SEO because Google considers structure and website content when it does its ranks for search. This leads us to must have number three.

3. Business Information

The most common mistake people make when creating a website is that they build the site they want, not what their target customers want. Keep your text to a minimum especially when it comes to the about us and mission statement pages. Keep in mind that people skim your pages and that users have short attention spans.

If you’re going to have product images make sure they are good quality. If you’re in the service industry put up some referrals and testimonials. Try to include screen shots or link outs to previous work. No matter what industry you are in, try to tailor your information to what the users are likely to be looking for on your site and industry. Another no brainer that we can’t stress enough is contact information! Have a number, email, address and a contact form easily visible to the user.

4. Social Media Integration

Promote your presence! You website is a great platform to get your website visitors to connect with you via social media.

Social media is a crucial part of marketing your business and integrating your social media will help boost your SEO rankings and build your social media following at the same time. This being said, make sure you are maintaining your social media content. Social media isn’t going away, so it’s worth your time to invest time back into it.

5. Mobile Version

Tablets like iPads, and smart phones are increasing web traffic at a rapid pace. There is intent when people use mobile sites because, generally speaking, they are looking to do something, buy something or go somewhere. Studies have shown that they usually do so within a hour of the search, so it’s in your best interest for your site to be readable on a hand-held device.

Before we leave you on your own, here are a few things you should NOT have on your website.
• Music
• Flash
• Auto plays, like video or loud ads



With the plethora of informational piñatas available at the click of a mouse it can be a bit overwhelming for small business owners to make sense of all of the information available, so My “Three Amigos” reference aside, let’s just talk about what essential items you can control right away that will make a huge difference in 2019 and start you on the road to a solid local SEO presence.

1. Quality Content:

One of the biggest challenges for small business owners is providing the type of content that Google loves. You hear “create great content & lots of it,” but how do you actually start that and then where are you going to find the time to write articles while you’re trying to run your business? First, I want you to take a breather and not worry so much about quantity at the moment as much as we should be focusing on quality! Moving forward start by writing down all of the points that you deem would be relevant, important items to your customers; you know them best so write for them. You are an expert in your field and that’s the reason you have a business with a beating heart, so just think about what your customers want to hear about and become the authority on those items. Here are some topic ideas to get you started:

•Top Ten (or any number) Lists – Search Engines love, love, love lists. They are easy to come up with, simple to write & easy for your readers to digest.
•How To Lists – Again easy, short, and puts you I a position of authority.
•Product Reviews – People love reviews on just about anything and since nobody knows your products better than you give readers an unbiased review of what you sell. Bye the way it’s ok to rate some items or services over your own In some cases as it adds to your credibility and will go along way with readers when you make future recommendations.
•Ask and you shall receive – Ask your offline and online community what they would love to read about. Ask everyone you are affiliated with what they would want to know about your services. You might be surprised at the answers you get.
•Be on the look out – Don’t be afraid to see what the competition is writing about. Reading a lot will also offer you insights into the mind sets of others in your industry and could end up opening some new & exciting doors.
•Offline Material – Many businesses have tons and tons of content already produced sitting right under their noses! Look at any and all print material you have such as brochures, pamphlets, sales and specials anything you have in print form could offer you up some really good ideas. Any and all traditional marketing you do is a wealth of possible ideas.

2. Contact Info Easy to find:
Go to your website as a customer would and see how easy it is to contact your business. If it lasts more than 3 clicks you have a problem. Your contact details should be easy to get to at all times and should be prevalent in the footer & if possible the header of your website

3. Spread the Word:
Every person you come in contact with should be hearing about your endeavors. Encourage everyone you meet to check out your site, your blog to join your community no matter how big or small it may be. Remember if your excited about your brand than others will be as well.

4. Local Listings:
This is very important and I want you to remember this in everything you do moving forward pertaining to your online marketing, here goes…If I’m signed in to Google like millions are everyday, my search results will be tailored just for me based on my location and search history. Meaning someone who ranks number one for “Doctor in Perth” will not rank number one to me as Doctor in  Delhi. So if you are a restaurant in new delhi, you want to make sure that you come up whenever anyone searches in your area for “delhi Restaurants” or “food delivery in your aread” and so on. So join as many local reputable directory sites as you can. The more prevalent you are in local directories the more chances you have to be seen.

5. Reviews and Responses:
Every local listing site and or directory your location is listed on has the ability for users to leave reviews of your establishment or services. These sites are imperative to your local presence online as Search Engines are starting to put a massive amount of weight into these review sites like Yelp or Tripadvisor. Monitoring these sites for user reviews should be one of your most important items you do each day. Every time you get a review try to thoughtfully respond to the user. This simple practice will offer huge rewards down the line as these sites rank you on quality of reviews and responses to those reviews. So when someone is using SIRI for instance (who by the way only relies on Yelp), your business will rank high if you have a good number of quality reviews and you have responded to those reviews. This simple thoughtful act will be a benefit to you and your company hands down every time.


SEO & Robots.txt

SEO & Robots.txt

What is a Robots.txt File?
In simple words a Robots.txt is at the root folder of any website and has a message for search engines bots to index or not to index the website pages for inclusion in web directory. This small, but very important aspect of SEO can make or break the SEO efforts of a company website.

SEO & Robots.txt file

When it comes to SEO, most people understand that a website must be “search engine friendly” site architecture/HTML, and meta data, title tags and meta descriptions.

Another meta element, if implemented incorrectly, that can also trip up websites is robots.txt. I was recently reminded of this while reviewing the website of a big ompany that had spent considerable money on building a mobile version of their website, on a sub-directory. That’s fine, but having a negative statement in their robots.txt file meant that the website wasn’t accessible to search engines.


The Importance of Sitemaps in website


So, now you have completed the on page SEO, your site is ready for launch, or is it?
There is still one more critical aspect of SEO that if not implemented will prove as the kiss of death for your SEO efforts.

Its the sitemap of your website. In simple words,  one can call it the road map of a website that makes it easy  for the visitors to navigate the website. Many often one comes across websites that have sitemap pages and sitemaps files in the back ends to help the search engine robots or bots to go around the website with ease.

Type of sitemaps .
Sitemaps come in many formats,   like html, php, xml and many more. Of these the most common is the html sitemap, its a simple page in a website that has a list of all the pages in that site with links to those pages. The other type of sitemap commonly used is xml sitemap, this sitemap is not visible to the human eye but is very crucial , as it guides the bots in indexing the website and then ranking it in the search engine result pages or SERPs. The php sitemap is a custom sitemap used by php programmers, it needs to be updated and maintained by php professionals as is not recommended for small or medium websites, as it is not cost effective.

How can I have a sitemap for my Website. ?
Well, this question is very common, site owners want to know how they can have a sitemap for there website, that is easy to maintain and update. Thankfully, developing and maintaining a good and SEO friendly sitemap is not that a taugh job. Any person with the basic computer knowledge can do this. You just need the right tools and the know how.

Services Offered By Digital Marketing Company

Social Media
Being founded around social strategy, we’ll connect and engage countless potential customers with a creative social media campaign.

From copy to delivery, we get impactful ads in front of your target market on search engines, display networks, and social sites.

Web Design
Attractive, responsive websites are the modern standard. We’ll develop one that’s easy to navigate and promotes lead conversions.

Search Marketing
A content strategy combined with traditional search engine optimization (SEO) is the proven way to stay ahead on the quickly changing web.

Graphic Design
It’s no secret that looks matter on the web. From a new logo, to promotional materials, our team can develop new designs that fit your brand.

Reach your goals and deliver the perfect message with an effective, memorable brand positioning strategy.

Five steps for successful small business PPC marketing campaigns

Many small business owners choose to manage PPC advertising in-house for budgetary reasons. PPC platforms are becoming increasingly user-friendly, online tutorials are increasingly easy to understand, and in-house PPC management is increasingly viable.

Find out how to best allocate in-house resources by following the PPC guidelines listed below:

Optimize a Set Budget
Small businesses can often use more leverage with the right approach to PPC with less resources than large enterprises. A successful PPC campaign can be largely based on niche aspects of a small business, such as specific geographic location, name, or a single line of products sold. By focusing on the niche aspects of your small business, you can drive site traffic as well as conversion rates.

Keyword Strategies
One of the first steps in almost any successful PPC campaign is creating a keyword list. In addition to utilizing free programs that develop and suggest keywords along with price estimates for specific businesses such as AdWords Keyword Tool and Bruce Clay’s Keyword Statistics Provider, it is a good idea to try some independent trial and error. Some of the following types of keywords can help attract the best site traffic to your site:

Long-tail keywords are keyword phrases that are several words in length. They can help drive targeted site traffic instead of generic site traffic. Long-tail keywords such as, “fastest sports car repair” can often drive more relevant site traffic than a similar keyword such as “car repair.”

Keywords with geographic locations. Small local businesses can capitalize on keyword phrases by using a specific geographic location.

Brand names and business names. It is important not to underestimate the importance of brand recognition whether it is the name of the business or a brand of items sold by the business.

The right keyword strategies often involve a strong element of guess and check for small business owners and internet marketing experts alike.

Remember AIDA when Writing Copy

Attention. Interest. Desire. Action. Basically, AIDA is the process that you want your site visitors to go through. Grab their attention with the right PPC advertisement, grab their interest with the right landing page, increase their desire to patronize your small business, and made everything easy enough for them to act (i.e. patronize your local business or make an online purchase). In the end, AIDA sums up the path to marketing success. Build the right amount of hype to get people excited about your business before they walk in the door.

Monitor Data and Assess Goals

There are about a dozen meaningful data points that can be used to assess the efficacy of any give PPC campaign. Furthermore, there are a number of different ways small businesses can best measure data points such as conversion rates based on the returns of an average sale. Ongoing assessment of the efficacy of PPC campaigns is integral to long-term success.

Effective PPC In-House is a Reality

Small businesses can successfully manage PPC campaigns in-house. It is important to remember that the majority of PPC success is based on business and marketing basics (e.g. budgets, AIDA, data analysis). Small business owners can reasonably learn keyword basics, follow a few online tutorials, and drive the right site traffic using in-house PPC campaigns.

PPC Advertising for small businesses

We all know what is PPC Advertising. In a nut shell, it is online marketing or internet marketing. But did you know that PPC Advertising can be very beneficial for small and medium sized businesses who have a limited budget.

Traditional advertising channels like newspapers, radio, television were very costly and could be only afforded by companies with huge advertising budgets. Further, the biggest down side to these channels of advertising was that it was impossible to measure anything about these advertising campaigns.

How is PPC Advertising Beneficial

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is really like advertising in the 21st century. It has many benefits when compared to traditional channels of advertising.

Economical channel of advertising
Unlike traditional channels , the advertisers spend very less. Here the ad is display on search result pages in response to a search query, if the ad gets clicked, then only the advertiser is charged.

Relevant Channel of Marketing
I personal feel that old advertising channels were blind methods of marketing. You just advertised in a hope that some one will see it.
But PPC advertising is different, here the ads are only shown to potential customers who are looking for the concerned service or product, the chances of conversion are very high here.

PPC Advertising can be Geo Targeted. 
For a small business offering services in a limited area, the geo targeting feature of PPC advertising is a big asset. Business owner can choose to advertise in only a city / town or even can target potential customers in a fixed radius around there office / service center.

Lets take the example of a fastfood outlet that only delivers in a radius of 10 km from there outlet. They can choose to advertise in the specified area only.

Control over budget
As advertiser, you enjoy complete control over advertising spendings. You can setup an maximum bid price for a click and even set a fixed daily budget. Suppose, you set a max bid price of $ 2 and a max daily budget of $ 100.
Here you will not be charged more that $ 2 per click and in addition your ad campaign will stop when your total spend for the day reaches $ 100.

Ad campaign schuduling facility 
This is very useful for seasonal marketing where the advertiser want to advertise on a fixed schudule, like on sundays only or between 2 pm to 7 pm only. A super mall having a sale of 50% between 2 pm to 4 pm can choose to advertise between these times and save advertising dollors.

Highly measurable 
There are many online tools avilable that can give advertiser acqurate information regarding there ad campaign. Advertisers can learn about the maximum and minimum price they paid for clicks, the location of the visitors, the time they spend on website, how many pages they viewed, even the hardware they were using.

Web Analytics

In the past websites were just a bunch of static pages namely home, about us, services, products and contact us. The site owner hardly cared about there websites and no one even thought of tracking the number of visitors or studing visitor’s behavior on the site.

But with time, things changed, today website are a campanies identity and ample attention is given to ensure that it stays uptodate and gets quality traffic.

Campanies spend thansands of dollors in SEO and PPC advertising, just to attract visitors to there website and increase conversion. Web analytics gives them the much needed feedback regarding the result of there SEO and PPC ads campaigns.

How web Analytics works?

Web Analytics uses a script snipet code placed on the server side which tracks every visit and updates that information into a database. The script also tracks details like the visitors city or country, avg. time on website, how many pages he visited, if he is a new or a returning visitor, did he fillup the contact form or not and many more.

With this information in hand site owner can analysis the result of the online marketing campaigns. He can now take decisions regarding the implementation tactics like SEO, SMO and PPC advertising.

Main Reasons Why Advertising is Very Necessary

Advertising is circumscribed as a non-personal representation of a marque or commercialism content finished a paying maneuver. Advertisers denote their brands or businesses to create knowingness, inform customers virtually new features of brands or businesses and ultimately to process income. Every firewood or concern owner finds it a moldiness to publicize his set or accommodation among a delimited aim assemble. This journal elaborates two primary reasons why advertising is key for every firewood or playacting proprietor. Rest measuring.

1. Continuously Informs Customers

Customers do not possess any other seed of accessing any type of firewood aggregation eliminate finished an advertising depression. Television Advertising, Tuner Advertising, Publish Business, Outdoorsy Advertising etc. are a few means finished which customers service of valued call messages. A perpetual message operation of a firewood or commercialism is a staleness to create interference active its proximity in the marketplace and also to deepen contention. No marketplace is footloose of contention. The firewood or commerce which comes low the extreme mention of customers gets hot spell for the inactivity it is story. In say to create thing in the prevailing contention in the marketplace, it is hence a moldiness for you to get as some publicizing campaigns for your kind or concern.

2. To Advance Sales Of The Society

The crowning neutral of every business safari is to increment sales of the assort or administration that owns the kind or sector. As mentioned in the above paragraph, publicizing enables a name or mercantilism to verify progressive status in the current contention in the activity. A imaginative airway of presenting the call communication and enforcement of a substantial line are two assets that can give ripe impact active the favorable event among take groups effectuation likely merchantability of the product or mate. This way the eventual oblique of the encouragement campaign is served for the band or disposal.

Produce Advertising, Outdoor Publicizing etc. are both vernacular tools of message victimized by call and byplay owners. When you praise your brand you accomplish trustworthy that the substance reaches out to extreme sign of potential customers. Notwithstanding, without proper planning and implementation of the promotional strategies, you may not be able to persuade the aid of your butt groups. This journal provides a few plain tips of winning publicizing. Also decide the relevant substance of business. The business of communicating plays a alive portrayal time prehension the tending of customers. So, opt the transmission of advertising sagely erst the form communication is finalized. Telly Business, Radio Business, Product