Learn from Lalit - How to Finalize Anniversary Gift ?

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Learn from Lalit - How to Finalize Anniversary Gift ?

Meet Angad & Lalit

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How they selected Anniversary gift after several permutations & combinations?

Lalit: Hi, Angad!! You know, my wedding anniversary is around the corner and I had terrible experience last year. So I want to make this year very special.

Angad: What terrible experience? You forgot your anniversary?

Lalit: Naah!! Can’t you see I’m alive? Actually, I bought some flowers and one standard show piece gift from local gift shop. On the other hand, my wife got a very nice classy looking Louis Philippe personalized wallet for me and some other handcrafted gifts. So, when she saw my gift in which I didn’t put any effort she went haywire. I don’t want to remember that, it was terrible wedding anniversary night. Hope you understand.  

Lalit: It’s almost one year, till date I get “Taana’s” that you don’t value our relationship, you got me a standard show piece from local gift shop. What effort you have put to impress, pamper me etc etc.

Angad: Oh!! my god. Thank god I’m not married. So this time you want to wash all your sins and find a nice gift for your darling wife. But aren’t you late, your anniversary is 7 days away.

Lalit: I know, that’s what is killing me. I have been to several gift stores and even searched on google, what to gift to my wife on anniversary who got everything? Even google can’t answer that, I got very vague results and standard gift ideas from e-commerce portals.

Angad: Let’s do a drill to find out a perfect gift for your wife.

Lalit: What drill? Can’t we just search “Perfect Wife for Gift”

Angad: Dude, it’s “Perfect Gift for Wife”. There is nothing like Perfect Wife, they don’t exist.

Angad: Ok, just let me know her likes, dislikes, areas of interest, hobbies etc. I can suggest some gift ideas.

Lalit: She dislikes her husband, she likes to spend her husband’s hard earned money, her areas of interest is to find new ways to tease her husband for no reason and yes, her hobby is to change clothes every hour.

Angad: Oh!! Oh!! If you keep crying your marriage saga we will not be able find a gift for your beloved wife on your anniversary.

Angad: Actually, one of my school mates, Saman Pahwa runs an online gift portal Handmade Junction. We can checkout his website and if required I can ask him to create a new product for you also especially for you.

Lalit: They have really amazing gifts, I must say these are not available anywhere and also you can get them personalized and most important they are affordable.

Lalit: Choose one and finalize, they will also require 5-6 days to customize and deliver to your doorstep in Bangalore.

Angad: I think Photo Lamp will be a perfect gift for her on our anniversary. It’s personalized, we can have our photographs of good memories, and it’s not at all expensive and will be a good addition to our home decor.

Lalit: Don’t you want to give something useful or utility gift to your wife?

Angad: I think anniversary is a couple’s thing and a utility gift for individual will be little odd. I will go with Photo Lamp as my preferred gift for my wife.

Angad: As a couple we can jointly cherish our memories in Photo Lamp and most important now she can’t give me “Taana’s” that I didn’t put any effort for our anniversary.

Angad: Let me just buy this amazing photo lamp from Handmade Junction for my wife. I’m so relieved now that I got something for her.

Lalit: If you want to talk to founder of Handmade Junction (Saman), you can reach him at order@handmadejunction.in or WhatsApp him a 09873930245

Angad: Can we now order beer? You married people have unique problems in life. But, one day I will also have to buy some unique gift for her on birthday or anniversary.

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