The Importance of Sitemaps in website


So, now you have completed the on page SEO, your site is ready for launch, or is it?
There is still one more critical aspect of SEO that if not implemented will prove as the kiss of death for your SEO efforts.

Its the sitemap of your website. In simple words,  one can call it the road map of a website that makes it easy  for the visitors to navigate the website. Many often one comes across websites that have sitemap pages and sitemaps files in the back ends to help the search engine robots or bots to go around the website with ease.

Type of sitemaps .
Sitemaps come in many formats,   like html, php, xml and many more. Of these the most common is the html sitemap, its a simple page in a website that has a list of all the pages in that site with links to those pages. The other type of sitemap commonly used is xml sitemap, this sitemap is not visible to the human eye but is very crucial , as it guides the bots in indexing the website and then ranking it in the search engine result pages or SERPs. The php sitemap is a custom sitemap used by php programmers, it needs to be updated and maintained by php professionals as is not recommended for small or medium websites, as it is not cost effective.

How can I have a sitemap for my Website. ?
Well, this question is very common, site owners want to know how they can have a sitemap for there website, that is easy to maintain and update. Thankfully, developing and maintaining a good and SEO friendly sitemap is not that a taugh job. Any person with the basic computer knowledge can do this. You just need the right tools and the know how.