PPC Advertising for small businesses

We all know what is PPC Advertising. In a nut shell, it is online marketing or internet marketing. But did you know that PPC Advertising can be very beneficial for small and medium sized businesses who have a limited budget.

Traditional advertising channels like newspapers, radio, television were very costly and could be only afforded by companies with huge advertising budgets. Further, the biggest down side to these channels of advertising was that it was impossible to measure anything about these advertising campaigns.

How is PPC Advertising Beneficial

PPC or Pay Per Click Advertising is really like advertising in the 21st century. It has many benefits when compared to traditional channels of advertising.

Economical channel of advertising
Unlike traditional channels , the advertisers spend very less. Here the ad is display on search result pages in response to a search query, if the ad gets clicked, then only the advertiser is charged.

Relevant Channel of Marketing
I personal feel that old advertising channels were blind methods of marketing. You just advertised in a hope that some one will see it.
But PPC advertising is different, here the ads are only shown to potential customers who are looking for the concerned service or product, the chances of conversion are very high here.

PPC Advertising can be Geo Targeted. 
For a small business offering services in a limited area, the geo targeting feature of PPC advertising is a big asset. Business owner can choose to advertise in only a city / town or even can target potential customers in a fixed radius around there office / service center.

Lets take the example of a fastfood outlet that only delivers in a radius of 10 km from there outlet. They can choose to advertise in the specified area only.

Control over budget
As advertiser, you enjoy complete control over advertising spendings. You can setup an maximum bid price for a click and even set a fixed daily budget. Suppose, you set a max bid price of $ 2 and a max daily budget of $ 100.
Here you will not be charged more that $ 2 per click and in addition your ad campaign will stop when your total spend for the day reaches $ 100.

Ad campaign schuduling facility 
This is very useful for seasonal marketing where the advertiser want to advertise on a fixed schudule, like on sundays only or between 2 pm to 7 pm only. A super mall having a sale of 50% between 2 pm to 4 pm can choose to advertise between these times and save advertising dollors.

Highly measurable 
There are many online tools avilable that can give advertiser acqurate information regarding there ad campaign. Advertisers can learn about the maximum and minimum price they paid for clicks, the location of the visitors, the time they spend on website, how many pages they viewed, even the hardware they were using.

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