Web Analytics

In the past websites were just a bunch of static pages namely home, about us, services, products and contact us. The site owner hardly cared about there websites and no one even thought of tracking the number of visitors or studing visitor’s behavior on the site.

But with time, things changed, today website are a campanies identity and ample attention is given to ensure that it stays uptodate and gets quality traffic.

Campanies spend thansands of dollors in SEO and PPC advertising, just to attract visitors to there website and increase conversion. Web analytics gives them the much needed feedback regarding the result of there SEO and PPC ads campaigns.

How web Analytics works?

Web Analytics uses a script snipet code placed on the server side which tracks every visit and updates that information into a database. The script also tracks details like the visitors city or country, avg. time on website, how many pages he visited, if he is a new or a returning visitor, did he fillup the contact form or not and many more.

With this information in hand site owner can analysis the result of the online marketing campaigns. He can now take decisions regarding the implementation tactics like SEO, SMO and PPC advertising.

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